The 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition

Applications for participating to the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition 2020 is open now.The date of the competition will change to September from July because of the date of Tokyo Olympic games.

For the 3rd edition, some regulations are renewed!
◆ Category A (Children’s Choir) is divided into 2 categories:
1. Category A-1 Children’s Choir Junior (up to 13years old)
2. Category A-2 Children’s Choir Senior (up to 18 years old)

◆ Save money! Early bird discount system starts!
Application opened from Oct. 1 2019. Deadline will be Apr. 30 2020, however, the period from October 1 to December 31 2019 is the “Early Bird Discount” period, this means the fee for qualification will be free if you apply by Dec. 31 2019.

◆ The qualifying round (Judgement by the audio source) will be held 2 times!
1st judgement will be on the beginning of January 2020, and then 2nd judgement will be on the beginning of May 2020. The results of the 1st judgement will be announced by the middle of January, and the results of the 2nd one will be announced by the middle of May to each choir by Email. The rejected choirs of the 1st judgement, they will take a judgement again at the 2nd judgement in May.

We are now accepting your application!
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The 2nd TICC Grand Prix Choir: Mixed Choir MASKA(Latvia)

第3回東京国際合唱コンクール 申し込み受付を開始しました



1. カテゴリー A-1:児童合唱部門J(13歳以下)
2. カテゴリー A-2:児童合唱部門S(18歳以下)

*早割(Early bird discount)制度導入!




第2回グランプリに輝いだMixed Choir MASKA(ラトビア)