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The International Choral Organization of Tokyo has been founded with an objective of popularizing and promoting choral music, and through that activity, developing the art culture, contributing to the upbringing of the next generation, and to conduct cultural peace activities through international business.


ICOT, launch

Nice to start reaching out to you!

This is the International Choral Organization of Tokyo, or in short, ICOT.

We are a newly made general incorporated association, with Ko Matsushita as our Executive director.


I am Ko Matsushita, the executive director of the International Choral Organization of Tokyo. I will be working as the executive director for two years, starting from April 2017.

The International Choral Organization of Tokyo (ICOT) will mainly cooperate with the choral alliance of Tokyo “Koyukai”, to host and operate the Karuizawa International Choral Festival and the International Choral Composition Competition Japan, as you may know.

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Publishing Department

International Choral Organization of Tokyo (ICOT) has started the publishing business as our new challenge.

For a while, we publish chorus scores, limited only to pieces.

Throughly speedy on-demand based publishing and digital publishing (download sales) are deployed.

We publish works which were composed by me before, but not published or limitedly published. Also we introduce not only my new pieces, but chorus works composed by excellent composers inside and outside of the country, energetically.

ICOT has actively worked for three main events to propose chorus music for Japan and worldwide. Now we focus on the publishing business too.We hope that we could contribute on the chorus world in the filed of publishing.

We really appreciate your support on our new brand of chorus score, Edition ICOT.


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