I am Ko Matsushita, the executive director of the International Choral Organization of Tokyo. I will be working as the executive director for two years, starting from April 2017.

The International Choral Organization of Tokyo (ICOT) will mainly cooperate with the choral alliance of Tokyo “Koyukai”, to host and operate the Karuizawa International Choral Festival and the International Choral Composition Competition Japan, as you may know.

Additionally, the ICOT will start a new international competition, namely the “Tokyo International Choir Competition”, with the aim to improve the choral music field in Japan and Asia, and to activate international relationship to a further level.

We will actively work with the hope to help introduce the choral movements around the world to Japan, and also to introduce the current situation of the Japanese choral community to the world.

We will make our best efforts to contribute to the improvement of the choral community around the world.

Thank you all for your kind understanding and warm assistance to the ICOT.

April 2017
Executive director
Ko Matsushita