Charter of the International Choral Organization of Tokyo

Choral music, which has a long history and have been nurtured in most areas around the world, is a high-level art of music. This art prompts the interest and understanding to cultural science of people whom are engaged, and provides an opportunity to view the world from a philosophic point of view, to think about the way of having a peaceful and constructive society.

Furthermore, choral music is both an activity of expression by an individual and a community of multiple personnel with the same objective. The dual nature of “assertion and integration” is indeed a reflection of society itself. Thus, it can be said that choral activity inheres the power to propel and develop the society.

This propulsive power of choral music upon the general society will extend chorus from simply being an artistic activity to providing great contribution upon multiple sectors including education, welfare, and healthcare.

The International Choral Organization of Tokyo will conduct international cultural exchange activity for the promotion and development of chorus, and will research, propose diverse methods, and conduct the effectiveness of chorus upon upbringing of juveniles and lifelong learning.

The basis of all activities conducted by the International Choral Organization of Tokyo is to construct trust among people and true global peace.

Executive director
Ko Matsushita